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What we do

We increase employee engagement by providing tools to combat job fatigue and burnout culture. The human element of the workforce is irreplaceable and our intent is to showcase what the human talent in your organization has to offer. With one solution at a time let’s make the workday better.

Our Process

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Learn your world. Discover your needs.

We know your company may be similar to others, but no two companies are exactly alike. We deep dive into your work world to discover and learn your processes and needs and provide unique custom-fit solutions on a per-project basis. We get to know your organization's current workflow methods by speaking with team members, reviewing reporting structures, and investigating how things move in your company. All this is to help you eliminate your work headaches and pain points.

Design and develop a solution.

A well-thought-out plan is the cornerstone of any great solution system. We explore avenues of improvement to fix bottlenecks, decrease manual work, and reduce time spent on repetitive tasks. We will, in the end, have a roadmap to get from where we are today to where you want to be tomorrow, complete with milestones and progress report plans.

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Deliver and deploy.

We test as we develop and include you and your team to ensure your solution works the way it should. We set milestones, evaluate them with you, and move forward on a custom-fit solution to meet your needs. By leveraging a mixture of industry-standard practices for safety and stability and using cutting-edge techniques, we push the boundaries of what we can do for you.

About Nicular Solutions

Nicular was born out of a desire to help others. We understand the frustrations of not having the right solutions in place and our end goal is to make you and your team more productive.

We love to take repetitive, time-consuming, or tedious tasks and make them disappear. We free up employees to work on more critical tasks, support their team, and enhance customer and client service. We do not replace human effort, we strengthen it.

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Nicular - ( Adjective ): Something that is made efficiently, thoughtfully, with attention to having a positive impact on as many aspects of those that are influenced.

“I am so glad we made our billing nicular, Debby has been dancing on our calls ever since the change!”

Nicular - ( Verb ): Nicular, Nicularize, Nicularized: To take something, such as a workflow, product, or structure, and improve its efficiency, effectiveness, or how it impacts those associated with it.

“The intake team really nicularized our process by simplifying our staff’s data entry methods which reduced patient care delays significantly!”

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